Nerina-Hiking Boots

My Story

Hi everyone. Welcome to my website, “Infohikingboots”.

Hiking became a part of my life.  I thought it was just about going to a shop and buy a pair. I did just that, not having any experience or what I need to look for. Well, I bought my first pair, on a discounted sale, must say it was a brand which was highly recommended, and by luck, it was comfortable, durable, lasted me until the upper part of the boots were tattered, that took me 5 years to get it to this stage. It lasted well and served the purpose I bought it for.


With my lifestyle change. I started to walk every day about 3 km, after two months I was on 30km per week.

Realizing, what I chose to do, was not at all what somebody else would like to do with me. No experience of what was right or wrong when on hiking. With this type fitness activity, I just explored and worked myself to a point where I was fit and enjoyed every bit of nature.

Founding a pair of boots that I used for more than 5 years for hiking, it was just luck. Boots are mad for HikingThe Boots became part of me. Experiencing just how important it was for me to choose the correct pair of Hiking boots. Nothing lasted forever.  After the first pair I ended looking for boots but found out, I was just lucky to have a good pair the first time.



Sharing ideas when searching for hiking boots and how to find the right boots or shoes.